PWN Professional Development workshop “Knowing who you are !” of May 30th

31 May 2018

By Sophie Muffang 

For those who missed it, here are at last the highlights of the PWN Professional Development workshop “Knowing who you are !” of May 30th last.

“Knowing better who you are to find the right balance between our professional and personal lives…” was the topic of the PWN/Professional Development workshop of May 30th. The coach-facilitator, Sophie Muffang, helped all participants explore their strengths and shared tips on how to discover our talents, build our self-confidence and drive us to action. Here’s her account of this great evening :  

In the starting blocks with a smile 

I took great pleasure in hosting a PWN Professional Development workshop for my fellow PWN Members on May 30th on the topic of self-knowledge as a source of balance in one’s personal and professional life. The 20 participants were challenged throughout the evening through exercises to be done either alone or collectively. Spirits were high from the outset as the session began with a tribute to smiling and interaction with our immediate neighbours: the perfect introduction to the workshop which helped build a relaxed atmosphere and positive dynamism.   

Focusing on what’s essential 

After discovering their respective talents, participants then explored their strengths through discussion with their peers. They shared their tips and tricks for building up their energy levels and entered into a dynamic exchange and sharing process which gave them the opportunity to confront and discuss different points of view on what is essential in their personal and professional lives. They shared some good practices they apply to manage to maintain what is essential for each one of us: time management, delegation, working on one’s limitations, the art of saying no, etc. 

Action plan 

I then led them to think about what is essential and non negotiable in their personal lives and invited them to translate these priorities into their professional context. This perspective was revealing  for many of them who until then not actually made such a link.


Each participant left with some lines of thought and a desire for development.

The workshop came to a convivial and caring conclusion during the traditional networking cocktail that followed. 

See you soon for new adventures of personal and professional development! 

Sophie Muffang
Executive coach chez SMC2
Author of “Femmes, osons pour réussir, le guide d’auto-coaching pour réussir dans son job”, published by Vuibert.


Thank you Sophie !

For more information on the PWN Professional Development programme for 2018 - 2019, please contact Romaine Johnstone, PWN Paris VP Professional Development :




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