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  • Claudia Vaccarone, Senior Strategy Advisor, European Broadcasting Union

    I grew up in Italy and played professional volleyball in my teens. I was recruited by Seton Hall University in the USA for their volleyball collegiate program, and this launched my international career. I studied Communications and Advertising, and then moved to San Francisco to pursue a master's in Public Relations and Public Affairs (Golden Gate University). I began my career in advertising, first with the SF Museum of Modern Art and then with a leading multicultural communications agency. After 10 formative years in the USA, I joined TV Files, a start up in Rome, Italy at the forefront of IP and broadcasting technologies. I launched their brand worldwide, while learning and growing a passion for media and technology. Three years later I was recruited by leading satellite operator Eutelsat in Paris, where I spent 17 years in various roles, from marketing communications and events to leading customer satisfaction, market research and customer experience programs. During this time I developed a thought leadership role in the media industry by presenting regularly market trends at leading conferences and speaking on panels internationally. In parallel I have been always very engaged with professional associations, notably IABC where I had several volunteer leadership roles, as president of the France chapter, member of the European board and lately I served for 2 years on the International Executive Board to lead the strategy for the membership experience re-engineering.

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  • Aja Bardo Gruden, Director of Customer Service and International Development, LE BHV MARAIS

    I first arrived to Paris in 2007 to do a studying exchange while finishing my Masters in Journalism and French. Soon after moving there, I had the chance to meet a Franco-German couple who invited me to join them for a start-up adventure in Travel industry. I progressively learned the principles of international business, marketing and start-up methodologies, such as design thinking or scrum. These were one of the assets on my path towards larger corporations, currently going through a digital transformation. Two years later, I joined the Galeries Lafayette group, of which I am still part today. 

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  • A Daring Woman: Morgane Rollando

    Back in 2015, PWN awarded Hélène GRASSIN, CEO of "Paulette à bicyclette", the PWN prize “Entrepreneure Responsable” and then got the assistance of several experts. Today let’s focus on one of them: Morgane ROLLANDO.

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  • Hommage aux « 17 femmes prix Nobel de sciences »

    A la veille de la Journée Internationale des droits des femmes, PWN Paris était fière d’honorer  les « 17 femmes prix Nobel de sciences[i] ». C’est le titre du livre écrit par Professeure Hélène Merle-Béral, docteure en hématologie à la Pitié-Salpêtrière, où elle a travaillé toute sa carrière, désormais professeure émérite en médecine hospitalière, enseignement et recherche.

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