PWN Paris has a growing number of special interest clubs for women from particular industries or sectors. A team of managers organizes about four or five events a year (cocktails, lunches or dinners, workshops, talks) so that members can meet, learn and discuss issues of interest to them.
When joining PWN Paris, you are automatically a member of all the Network clubs and there is no joining to do. But if you wish to suggest events or guest speakers, or help in any way, please contact someone from the team in question.

Entrepreneur Club

Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Or “been there” for a while? From the pre-start-up phase to mid and high level growth Entrepreneurs, this club is for you!
We organize workshops, conferences, networking cocktails and operational activities to share information and best practices. Our speaker events feature well-known, seasoned Entrepreneurs who openly share their experience and know how.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club invites inspiring speakers and experts in selected marketing fields to share trends and best practices in the ever-changing and highly competitive world of marketing.
Each event gives PWN Paris members a new opportunity to broaden and update their marketing knowledge understand new and emerging issues, challenges and trends, and be in a better position to implement relevant and creative solutions.

Law Club

If you wish to:

  • Share experiences between legal professionals,
  • Stay informed of the legal market news,
  • Maintain or develop a lively professional network

Green Economy Initiative (GEI)

We want to ensure that PWN Paris members have the necessary tools at hand to take leadership in the already widely practiced strategies to achieve sustainable business, including innovation, collaboration, process improvement and sustainability reporting.

Culture Club

Was it the amazing glass of wine that closed the deal? Or was it for the exquisite surroundings? Art and culture can make wonders in business and the reverse is also true! In these domains, just like any others, women are achieving, innovating, and creating successful businesses. 
This is why PWN Paris’ Culture(s) Club presents events such as evening conferences, workshops or visits followed by a networking cocktail. Our goal is twofold: to raise awareness of creative professions and give visibility to women who work in these sectors.

Women in Science and Technology (WIST)

This club is for members from all kinds of professional disciplines in the field of IT and Science – marketing, sales, technical professions, project-managers, IT-recruiters, business and IT management, …and even lawyers!
We work in IT and hi-tech companies or in IT departments in various industries.