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    The Best Of 2016 was a very successful event with 213 attendees on the day, the strong support of 23 sponsors and the exceptional donations of many gifts for the 20th Anniversary cocktail. 
    Key messages during our round tables

    1- Parity in executive and management committees

    - The limitation of woman’s recruitment is due to social and cultural background: tendency, to recruit people who looked like you, 
    > needs to have an understanding of the situation to promote female and male candidates to the final list
    > no to the positive discrimination, a company is recruiting talent for sustainability
    > to help network in the company, strong engagement from the CEO,  mentoring and coaching of management teams and candidates, encouraging dialogues between generations, the youngest generation does not have the same approach. 
    - The Law Cope-Zimmerman helped a lot to transform society, 
    Women have more voice to claim equality.  More women’s role model to help women’s personal developments. More coaching to consider ambitions that have a constructive approach for the economy; and for women’s self-estimate. Madam Marie-Jo Zimmerman, member of parliament spent time with us to share her way of thinking. “If the law was respected, we will not speak anymore about salary differences”.  

    2- The  Winning Leaderships

    Definition of a leader, there is no recipe for it: 
        Positive and constructive vision, living it, explaining it
        Gives guidance, energy, serenity
        Takes decisions, 
        Likes to lead, likes people, humble, human
        Likes the collective intelligence, likes to be challenge by the team
        Listen the different options before speaking
        Dares to move on, even if it isn’t perfect

    To win the party, 
        To know who you are, understand you strengths and weaknesses, as nobody is perfect
        To dare to propose action points, options, changes, visions…..
        To courage, to energise, to write down what we would like to achieve and what we did, finally we do a lot, to be positive 
        To protect the team, to have the courage to do so, to be able to say no
        To celebrate successes
    Today leaders let people taking initiative, leaders embark the team in the good direction, the leader gives energy to move on.
    3- Unlock your ambitions for the future
    There is such thing as differences between women and a men leaders, what is very different is the expectations from society, businesses, teams, due to cultural background, and message transmitted by the media and other channels. It will take time and effort to move forward, step by step. 

    Be careful to the benevolent sexism, “ less work after a return of maternity leaves” etc, this is the worst situation to maintain women in a sentiment of inferiority. 

    During the entire day,  the manifesto was the bone stone of our meetings and the attendance of Laurence Rossignol, Ministry of Families, Children, and Women’s rights was a tremendous time. She spent 30 minutes with us, to support all of our actions and signed the manifesto. Don’t forget to sign it soon at 

    All the attendees were active, which contributed a lot to the richness of our debates. The closing part, with Winny, Jazz singer, was exceptional and brought a lot of emotions to the audience, signing a nice happy birthdays for the 20th anniversary of the network. 

    So for next year, don’t miss the event, let’s share more emotions and ideas with friends.  

    Corinne Granger
    PWN Paris Best Of 2016 Director
    R&D and Medical Affairs Director ISDIN Barcelona

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