Women & Technology

15 May 2017

Technology is changing all facets of our lives and these changes stand to profoundly impact the world of work. #WakeUpWomen2025 assesses how digital transformation is changing women’s lives and how we need to take action now! 

In 2016, three evenings with our partner Steelcase*, focused on discussions with professionals on women and health, women and work, women and continuing education.

Guest speakers focused on answering following topics to:

What we need to know about our health and where to look for medical information?

What new skills and knowledge do women need to prepare for these changes?  

What are tomorrow’s jobs?  What will be the new economic models? 

View our videos here: 


#WakeUpWomen think tank is led by Blandine MOUREN and Naima EL AMRANI.
Team members include Chantal BISHOP, Sara CLIGNET, Hélène LANDRON, Ghuyslaine LEMARCHAND, Claude PETTAZZONI 
Merci à Alexandra DA HUONG pour la prise de vue, son et vidéo.

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