What is mentoring ? Mentoring is a sharing, supporting and learning experience in which an experienced women (called mentor) brings her approaches and expertise to a mentee who pursues professional objectives and is willing to gain competences to succeed





What are the benefits?

For the mentor

  • Have the satisfaction of sharing their experience and skills
  • Learning to help
  • Contributing in the other’s professional potential development
  • Acquisition of the Meta position 

For the mentee

  • Know self better
  • Receive constructive feedback from a professional
  • Learning to be helped
  • Check the solidity of your professional project 


How does it work ?

Both mentees and mentors agree to engage in a process of constructive feedback, confidentiality, and a willingness to explore.

Here are the 4 main programs we’ll run in 2019/2020 :
1.    Career and leadership Mentoring : experienced women mentoring less experienced
2.    Reverse Digital Mentoring : digital natives mentoring less digital
3.    Engaging men : mutual men/women mentoring in partnership with male organization - NEW
4.    International mentoring : in partnership with other PWN City Networks - NEW

Call for volunteers

Following the great success of the  2018-2019 PWN mentoring programmes (, the PWN 2019/2020 mentoring programmes will be launching in September.

We’d love to hear from all those who wish to be involved in either :
- volunteering for one of the teams
- being a mentor
- being a mentee

Please send your application ( CV + letter of motivation ) to :
Please specify in your application and in the subject of your cover email which of the four existing programmes you’d be interested in participating in. 
Deadline for full applications : October 13th 2019

Thank you in advance for offering your energy and your expertise !

We look forward to hearing from you,
Anouk Danan and Romaine Johnstone
for the PWN Mentoring Team.



Sarah Haddane, VP Mentoring PWN Paris


PWN Paris – Launch PWN Paris Inclusive Mentoring Program

Après avoir encouragé le Mentoring entre femmes dirigeantes ou encore entre jeunes et seniors, l’association lance le 1er programme de « Mentoring inclusif : Femmes-Hommes ».  C’est l’occasion pour PWN Paris de valoriser la réussite professionnelle au féminin en incluant la sphère masculine.

Ce programme sélectif et innovant, dirigé par Sarah Haddane, vice-présidente PWN Paris en charge du Mentoring, a pour objectif d’apporter aux hommes conseil pour leur développement professionnel doublé d’un éclairage féminin. Des femmes évoluant dans les hautes sphères économiques vont ainsi endosser le rôle de mentor auprès d’hommes. Ceux-ci pourront alors bénéficier des expériences et valeurs de ces femmes mentors  ainsi que de leur sensibilité managériale. 

Les avantages du programme pour les mentees :

  • Mieux se connaître
  • Bénéficier d’un accompagnement et d’un leadership féminin 
  • Recevoir des commentaires constructifs d'une professionnelle
  • Apprendre à être accompagné
  • Vérifier la solidité de son projet professionnel


After building Mentoring programs between women leaders or between young and old, the network launches the 1st program "Inclusive Mentoring: Women-Men". This is the opportunity for PWN Paris to promote professional success for women by including the male sphere.

This selective and innovative program, led by Sarah Haddane, Vice President PWN Paris in charge of Mentoring, aims to provide men with advice for their professional development with a women lighting. Top Executive Women in the economy will thus take on the role of mentor to men. Men will then benefit from these women mentors experiences and values as well as their managerial sensitivity.

What benefits for you as mentee ?

  • Better know you and your strengths 
  • Take advantage from Top Exec Leader experiences 
  • Receive advices from a leader
  • Learn to accept feedback 
  • Stress your professional project



Application closed for PWN Paris Digital Reverse Mentoring
Application closed January 16th 2019 for the January session. Next session will be held next year.
Contact information : 
Application closed for Career and Leadership PWN Paris Mentoring Program
On going session until September 2019. Next session on October 2019


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