What is mentoring ? Mentoring is a sharing, supporting and learning experience in which an experienced women (called mentor) brings her approaches and expertise to a mentee who pursues professional objectives and is willing to gain competences to succeed





What are the benefits?

For the mentor

  • Have the satisfaction of sharing their experience and skills
  • Learning to help
  • Contributing in the other’s professional potential development
  • Acquisition of the Meta position 

For the mentee

  • Know self better
  • Receive constructive feedback from a professional
  • Learning to be helped
  • Check the solidity of your professional project 

How does it work ?

Both mentees and mentors agree to engage in a process of constructive feedback, confidentiality, and a willingness to explore. Roadmap 2018/2019

Here are the 5 main programs we’ll run in 2018/2019 :
1.    Career and leadership Mentoring : experienced women mentoring less experienced
2.    Reverse Digital Mentoring : digital natives mentoring less digital
3.    Engaging men : mutual men/women mentoring in partnership with male organization - NEW
4.    International mentoring : in partnership with other PWN City Networks - NEW





Sarah Haddane, VP Mentoring PWN Paris


I'm interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, what should I do?

Please fill in our Mentor Document or our Mentee Document and send it to

LastName-Reverse-Mentor-2017   LastName-Reverse-Mentee-2017

Please note that you need to participate to the Info Session & the Meet your Mentoring Partner evening to enter the Mentoring Program.


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