At our monthly Guest Speaker events, successful leaders, usually but not always women, will address issues related to specific sectors and trends, cross-cultural management styles, resolving conflict and balancing personal and professional lives.

Most of the time we plan dinner events, with approximately 1 speaker event per month, between September and June.
They are open both to members and non-members.

Past speakers: Nicole Ameline, Agnès Verdier-Molinié, Brigitte Dumont, Geneviève Fraisse, Catherine Vidal, Aude de Thuin, Isabelle Germain,  Christiane Feral-Schuhl, Anne Yannic, Véronique Morali, Anne Lauvergeon, Nicole Notat, Bernard Cambier, Jean-René Cazeneuve, Isabelle Kuster, Edéenne, Andrée Deissenberg, Amy C. Edmondson, Patrick Hubert, Maryam Saheli, Véronique Bourez, Dominique Sénéquier, Claudie Haigneré, Yolaine de la Bigne, Sylvie Kauffmann

… Recent feedback from our events:

Speaker Dinner with Aude de Thuin:

“Thank you for inviting such an inspiring speaker!”

“Excellent event, one of the best I have attended so far with PWN.”

Speaker Dinner with Isabelle Germain:

“The format of the event was very pleasant: we could discuss directly with the speaker, and it was part of a global discussion shared by all attendants who could also react directly.”

”The speaker was very interesting, particularly regarding her involvement in actions to really change the situation of women at work. And it was good to realize that the majority of the assistance was comfortable with the word feminism, which should not be hidden.”

“First time in my recollection that the attendants responded so well on the topic. More please! ”

Speaker Dinner with Catherine Vidal

“Overall excellent. PWN is the best organization I have come across.
Interesting topics, good level of professionals to meet. Keep on!”

Speaker dinner with Edéenne:

“It was terrific to see and hear someone who has managed to evolve constantly and found her vocation. Very inspiring for me.Thank you for arranging it!”

Read about our Speakers Dinner with
Nicole Ameline
Agnès Verdier Molinié
Geneviève Fraisse


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