Women and Money

Only 1% of global wealth belongs to women and there is no country in the world where women's wages are really equal to those of men. 

In France, today more educated than men, women still earn about 20% less.
But in our personal lives money issues are complex, too.

Stereotypes influence our choices as much as family background, education and / or marital status… In an aging Europe, where unemployment and single parent families are increasing, it is more important than ever to plan ahead, to demystify money and draw its best use.

In this context, we launched “Women & Money” - a new transversal EuropeanPWN program with the objective of providing concrete and actionable data and tools to our members.

As a starting point, a survey was deployed in June among our members across the European network. The overall objective of the study is to understand women's relationship to money to help us arm and educate our members to close the remuneration gap, but also in managing their income more effectively by using all of the value proposition elements of EuropeanPWN.

Here is the summary of the survey results presented on November 4th, 2013, in English and in French.

Download the Survey Report - Women & Money, between Control and Complexity
Télécharger la synthèse de l'étude Women & Money - Entre Maîtrise et Complexité

Media coverage/Couverture médiatique

    Corinne Hirsch, VP Think tank
Ulrike Lehmann, Project Lead
Ghislaine Feger-Gunge, VP Events and Project team
Corinne Albert, Project team
Dana Allen, Sponsor and project team

Program “Women and Money” in partnership with    
Leader: Ulrike Lehmann, Women & Money Project Project Team : Ghislaine Feger-Gunge, Corinne Albert, Corinne Hirsch

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