“Women: adopt the posture of a leader and learn to dare!” Training par improvisation théâtrale

Trainings by theatrical improvisation: “Women: adopt the posture of a leader and learn to dare!”
Great workshops by ImprO2 for PWN network

You do not dare to put yourself forward to defend what is important to you?
You would like to be able not to judge yourself and be more relaxed?
You dream of having repartee, of not being destabilized, and of being able to bounce with agility in meetings and interviews with high stakes?
You would like to be widely followed?

Ladies: The ImprO2 workshops are for you!
ImprO2, the first consulting firm to develop a training program for women using theatrical improvisation, gladly offered 2 workshops to the PWN network on 2 occasions (June 12th for The “Best Of!”, and December 2nd).These workshops were a great success!
Improvised theatre is a theatrical discipline where the text is not written before the performance. Actors adopt an attitude of listening, openness, acceptation of their partners’ ideas, energetic involvement as well as a capacity to react immediately. Improvisers use strong relational and communication skills. Developing these same skills allow women to improve their skills of conviction and leadership.

Aude Diano, actress-consultant, business executives and managers' coach, runs the ImprO2 training company. She designs and leads trainings by theatrical improvisation to help women in their professional progression to top management. Her company intervenes in large companies, and her workshops have been chosen by HEC Executive Education to be their leadership program for women.

ImprO2 actors-consultants (20) are mostly completely bilingual French-English and they all went to prestigious French schools such as HEC or Sciences Po. They also had a thorough professional experience and experienced leadership positions in business.

The first workshop was on how to “Adopt the posture of a leader"
Women experimented in action, through interactive exercises, that leadership is not a position, it’s a posture: it is a decision you make to have influence over others in a positive way. They learned to give others the strong image to persuade, influence, and lead in commercial and managerial situations but also while networking or public speaking.
They found a way of speaking that fosters trust, and leaves no place for doubt.

The second workshop was on how to "Learn to dare"
Women discovered, through dynamic exercises, their ability to take action without inhibitions, to let go and to act without brakes. They trained to decide, get started and take actions without regretting "what they could have done instead".
They learned to trust themselves, to bring themselves forward and put their ideas without fear of judgment.
They freed themselves from their internal brakes to access their multiple resources, to realize their talents and to capitalize on their strengths.

To discover ImprO2 techniques, you can come to a free discovery afternoon, in a Parisian theater. During 4 dynamic hours, you will experiment in action the benefits theatrical improvisation can bring to your professional efficiency.
February 12, 2015 and April 2, 2015 (2pm-6pm)
Subscriptions: decouverte@impro2.fr


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