Why Girls Love Running: the PWN Paris Team Runs La Parisienne Race

Why is it that many PWN members registered to run La Parisienne when invitations went out last May, four months before the race? How did we manage to take time out from our families and busy lives for Sunday morning practice?  How is it that, out of 622 corporate teams, the girls of PWN Paris finished in 17th place? And why has it been such a fun and rewarding experience?

Each of the PWN team members has a personal story to tell about why she ran the 6.7 km of La Parisienne on September 14th, but the caption on our sleek black team tee-shirts said it all: Girls Love Running! Be it to heal from an injury and stay fit, to teach our daughters a lesson (or is it the other way around?), to honor breast cancer victims and survivors, to prove ourselves we are not quitters and can make it to the finish line. It can also be that we want to see what we are capable of, to make the difference between a decent time and a great time at the finish, or even earn yet another medal. But the most important thing is that we do it as a team, and a great one at that!

Thanks to our great spring/summer coaching sessions, there has been so much more for us to La Parisienne than a great race alone. Kudos to Coach Raneesa, and to our organizers and smooth operators, Clare Mattok and Marie-Laure Barrau! There were a few regulars and we all very much appreciated the time we took to warm up and do cardio exercises, before running around both lakes of the Bois de Boulogne, then moving on to some interval training, and –weather permitting– stretching on the grass, with yoga postures and classic exercises. We generally parted feeling full of energy and having accomplished a good thing together!

It’s been such a motivating factor, an honor, and great joy to meet, run and share stories with this group of inspiring women from PWN. The best gift will be to continue to nurture this relationship and who knows, we could sign up for other races and run once more as a team! That is the plan, in fact, and fall training will start on October 12th. Come and join in the fun!

 Juliette Teillet, PWN Paris Member, La Parisienne enthusiast and first-time participant

Thanks to Stefan Wheaton for the great pictures!


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