What’s new AFTER SOMMER BREAK in the professional development section?

Dear Members,

I hope that you had a great summer time and you have come back to your professional environment recovered and full of energy to conquer your next career step! I wish that the PWN Paris Professional Development team continues to be your partner in this venture! In fact, after having been elected your new VP in June, I got motivated to work during the summer break on a new program design, which I would like to share with you today…
We propose to concentrate on two aspects of women leadership considered critical according to a recent KPMG survey: enhancing confidence and enabling connections with peers and role models.

In order to develop confidence, we suggest two program pillars:

1) Personal Development pillar, which will cover:
     * Self-assessment of our strengths and weaknesses,
     * Understanding own and others emotions and their impact on our motivation
     * Motivation boosting and positive thinking

We hope, that covering those topics will help clarify and underline who we are, what drives us and why and how do we react to our environment, especially in professional settings.

2) Leadership Skills Enhancement pillar, that proposes to close the gap in various professional development fields like:
     * Building own leadership style while enhancing creativity and innovation
     * Sharpen competencies and personal impact in negotiations, presentations, people- and project management and decision making
     * Career planning, job search, skills match and visibility

This pillar should answer the question, whether you have the right competencies and skills for the next career move in accordance with your personal preferences, interests and passions.

We are persuaded that we can both grow sustainably and thrive as charismatic and authentic women leaders. Therefore, within the PWN Paris Professional Development section we care about creating opportunities to engage, connect with peers and role models to ultimately grow together. We plan to launch various events:
     * “Career Advancement Workshops” with experienced coaches and moderators where you can experiment tailor made tools and solutions within small groups (eg. co-development groups, MBTI tests, career plan, decision making fundamentals, negotiations, critical thinking)
     * “Wo@men for Women Exchanges” to share testimonies with peers from various sectors and industries on career related topics (eg. paths of career change, competencies required for certain functions)
     * “Voice of Leaders of Today Series” where we invite both successful business women to share their way of achievements and influential speakers and authors dealing with women leadership challenges

So, in order to create a Professional Development program that suits you, we need your feedback and engagement. Please do not hesitate to write me at agnieszka.jaros@gmail.com to suggest topics of interest you wish to explore and share within our community or to support our team in events organisation.

See you very soon at next Professional Development event.

Best regards

Agnieszka Jaros
PWN Paris – VP Professional Development


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