16 of us, brilliant PWN women ran La Parisienne last Sunday, a fun and prestigious running race starting at the Eiffel Tower, among 30 000 other women participants. And guess what, we ended on
the PODIUM! We were team number 3 among 559 teams. We did it!

It is my fourth year running with the PWN Paris team. This year was stronger than others. After the 2014 race, we decided to train together, and to run other races. This kept our motivation high to run, chat and exchange in the woods by all weathers.

On top of the race’ success, we all achieved small and personal successes; lose weight, quit smoking, strengthen self-confidence (yes, sport is the same fight as in the Corporate World), keep healthy, push back our own limits. Some of us even achieved marathon and semi-marathon for the first time!  

All good reasons to get up on Sunday mornings. Girls were telling me during the year that I was hard on them, that it was difficult to follow, either speed or length. And this pays, while enjoying ourselves, we just did it and we did it right! I am so proud that we all went beyond our objectives.

Can you believe that we were so happy to mingle with our friends after the race, that we missed the podium. None of us imagine that we could be among the winners. This is a fantastic illustration of:

1. Women need to boost their self confidence
2. While doing what we like, we perform and are fantastic
3. Group and cohesion are strong driving forces

I am a sport addict and believe that well-balanced body and mind are driving forces, both for our personal and professional lives. It helps me a lot to keep calm while negotiating with difficult clients or potential investors, or not to shout loud at my kids when they come for the 5th time claiming for the « last kiss » before sleeping. I started running 5 years ago, as this sport allows me to combine my work and family organisation.

There are many similarities between the energy in Sports and in the Corporate Life. A very good example of the team as a driving force is the « Prix Entrepreneure Responsable » from PWN Paris.

During an entire year, the winner benefits from advices of a Dream Team, who are PWN executive members with complementary competences. I had the honour to be the Dream Team leader in 2014, around Emmanuelle Champaud and Totem Mobi. Our combined efforts and motivation towards Totem-Mobi’s success gave a great leverage to Emmanuelle while launching and designing the strategy of her concept. We are very proud to have contributed to this success, and we all benefit from this team experience.

Ladies, if you too want to be part of the Winning PWN Running Team, please join us for the training and the next races:

 Oct 4th 2015 : ODYSSEA, 5 or 10 km in Bois de Vincennes ( before 09/29)

 Nov 1st 2015 EKIDEN de Paris 42 km as a team for a relay race ( before 09/30)

If you want to join us for the Dream Team around the winner of Prix Entrepreneure Responsable 2015, please join us on Sept 29th 2015 : 2015 Prize Presentation

Morgane Rollando

Morgane Rollando, CEO of the advisory firm SYNERFIA, providing “a la carte CFO” services for fast growing companies; board member and active investor at Femmes Business Angels; and happy mother of 2 metis daughters.


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