The Perfect Day - The Perfect Race

Sunday September 15th was a perfect day. A perfect sunny morning in Paris' autumn boulevards where 30,000 women stood ready to run the perfect race: La Parisienne - a 6.7 km fun run for women only! In this happy crowd at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, stood a proud team of 32 eager EuropeanPWN Paris members and friends in their lime green t-shirts.  And at the signal, they set off for a perfect race!

It was the fourth successive year that EuropeanPWN Paris fielded a team. And although the race in itself is not intended to be competitive, our team certainly over-performed by finishing 15th out of 541! The real success however was that all of the EuropeanPWN runners crossed the finish line, thrilled to have taken part and proud to have gone the distance, despite serious doubt in some cases. Some even out did their expectations and finished faster than they had run to date.

Our EuropeanPWN Paris participants are of all ages and abilities, from confirmed runners to those who have barely run before. Half of the team actually took part in their first race. Some take advantage of this looming event to actively shape-up and others set themselves a challenge of a different type, a physical one rather than a professional one.

The team was helped along by our new sponsor, b.24-06, one of Paris’ leading personal coaching services. b.24-06 coach Richard Le Goff worked with the group, leading them through a couple of tough workouts and talking them through how to prepare for the race. b.24-06’s services are also available for those who were not members of this year’s EuropeanPWN team. See b.24-06’s website for more information.  

By participating as a motivated Parisienne team every year, EuropeanPWN encourages its members not only to get fit but also to network in a different yet enjoyable context. Our participation is also a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of our network and get involved in our community.  

So go ahead, go and get those perfect pink running shoes and get ready for the next Perfect Race!

Clare Mattock, EuropeanPWN Paris member


Thanks to Stefan Wheaton for the great pictures!

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