The 10 lessons learned from the Professional Development workshop “Ready2Hear”.

1. To reach win-win situations, don’t start with Winner vs Loser mindset
2. Start change with yourself
3. To change the behavior, address the belief behind that behavior
4. Actions speak louder than words. What are your/my actions saying?
5. How we listen determines what others say
6. Ask “What” and “How” questions to get the best insights, “Why” might create defensiveness
7. Our speech is not neutral. It generates a response: connectivity or distance.
8. People do better when they feel better
9. Emotions have a multiplier effect on behavior. Positive emotions ENERGIZE whereas negative emotions sllllllloooooowwww progress.
10. People succeed more when they feel better. Before critiquing bad behavior, try noticing what the person did right.

On July 9th, the PWN Professional development team organized an interactive workshop facilitated by Denise Dampierre (*) of home is fun (, with the title Ready2Hear. The workshop was sold out. Denise prepared several interactive exercises each participant worked on for each of the above lessons learned. Even richer were the debriefings of these exercises and the discussions this led to. 

Denise recommends 2 books for further lecture on the topic:

1. Business: Teaming to Innovate, by Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson Edmondson speaks of the power of respectful and collaborative relationships, ones that encourage people to be engaged and feel they can win...and one of the main strategies for doing so is to allow (even systematize) growth through trial and learning from mistakes.

2. Personal:
Positive Discipline (also in French) or Positive Discipline for Teens (also in French) by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott. Through case situations and the development of psychological principles, Nelsen and Lott invite parents through a paradigm shift. They help family leaders focus away from problems and towards desired results, helping them shift from a blame mentality towards solution-finding. The practical insights and multiple examples make for easy reading...and implementation.

Are you looking to join one of our professional development interactive workshops? Our next events will be scheduled shortly.

Any suggestions or requests to work on specific themes, do let us know.

PWN “Professional development” teammembers

Céline Youf, Transformation Consultant &
Facilitator at Trexia
Mandy Schreuder, HR consultant at Mercer
and writer of a Dutch blog about Paris

(*) Denise is educated from a Harvard MBA, Northwestern Industrial Engineer. She has experience in Marketing and marketing consulting (14 years), leadership training & management (11years), home harmony management (4 boys in 7 years). Her expertise is in Appreciative Inquiry (inclusive change management) and Positive Discipline (cooperation and respect-based relationships).

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