Early this month, on September 8, Laurence Rossignol, the French Minister for Families, Children and Women’s Rights, launched an action plan for the mobilization against sexism.
Already women’s actions and mobilization, laws and political movement have led to significant progress. Yet inequalities persist. Indeed, sexism is the hardest glass ceiling to break!

This new action plan calls on every citizen for action. Everyone is invited to get involved and to participate by either proposing initiatives to stop sexism and/or getting mobilized on the social medias #SexismePasNotreGenre .

PWN, a women network of about 1000 women in Paris, has been promoting the professional development of women for 20 years.

Last June 2016 PWN launched a gender manifesto with equality as a constant collective aim, the "Manifeste pour que l'équilibre Femmes-Hommes soit un objectif collectif de chaque instant". This manifesto has been supported and signed by Laurence Rossignol on June 30, 2016.

Recently, and further to a large scale survey, a group of PWN women made a documentary about "Women & Money". Launched on September 19 in Paris, this film was met with great enthusiasm. PWN is now pleased to let you know that this initiative was certified by the government as “Initiative labellisée” as part of the French mobilization plan against sexism!

A great example of synergy between public authorities and association!

So let's keep moving!
Sexism, not for us!

Valérie Marchand
VP Marketing Communication


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