Last Thursdays: Get to know your network!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of programs and activities offered by PWN Paris? Did you hear about the network but wanted to find out more before actually joining? Then, yes, Last Thursdays are made for you!

Every last Thursday of the month, in a convivial location, we introduce future members and new members to the ins-and-outs of the network and help them get the most out of their membership. These events are also an occasion to make the first contacts within the network and get a taste of the diversity of our membership.

Did you know that...

  • 50% of the PWN Paris members speak 3 or more languages?
  • If you move to Moscow or Toulouse and want to open a new chapter, a “Create you Chapter” guide can help you along?
  • The PWN Paris network, with almost 1,000 members, is by far the most active of the 23 network chapters of PWN Global?
  • The Mentoring programme has benefited almost 600 members since it was created?

For the volunteers of the Membership Committee, who organize the Last Thursday event each month, it is a great opportunity to meet with future PWN Paris members and enjoy their enthousiasm, their passion and their willingness to participate (yes, we do some volunteer profiling!) Some new members already support the Best Of, the organization of Events, and some future members have even tried to volunteer without having joined yet (you do need to be an active member to be a volunteer!).

If you are still wondering what we do at the Membership Committee:

  • We define which profiles we would like the network to reach out to (international profiles, with a management or executive level...) 

  • We welcome new members and explain to them how to get the most out of the network (Last Thursdays, welcome emails, etc.)
We launch a yearly satisfaction survey to better understand what our members want, and we adapt our programmes based on their feedback 

  • If a member leaves the network (which we would obviously regret), we get in touch with her to find out the reason behind, so that we have a continuous improvement process.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Membership Committee : VP Odile Laurent, Diane Rivière, Marion Couvreur, Elisa Delpal, Lila Guermas, Marine Desmas, Erin Douglas, Carole Thiebaut, Camay Tan




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