Edito: nice summer break!

Dear all Members,

What a great year! PWN Paris is in very good shape, with plenty of energy, good spirit, and positive strength to unlock our ambitions. The visibility of PWN Paris has increased substantially by presenting at a variety of fantastic events - 5th edition of PER, the Christmas and Spring cocktails and the Best Of 2016 on June 30 - sharing of knowledge and experiences across the network and beyond. The press relayed our events, good practices, innovation and collaborative way to do to always develop women in their professional life, to enlarge the debate engaging men to a better balanced professional journey. The manifesto is really the fuel of this engagement to promote women in every organization for a better life, for a better culture, for a better society.

Today, at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, only 12 % of women are engaged in Big Caps Comex, 17 % in the Mid and 10 % in SMB according to AFECA June 2016 study.

Unfortunately, in spite of 1972 law for professional equality, women have less professional perspectives than men, according to OCDE study.

However, it is fundamental, it is a question of justice, of equality, and investment in favor of women will increase economic performance, competitiveness, employment, and finally the GDP. That’s why it is so important to sustain, and push the Manifesto, be the ambassador of it. Sharing the information www.pwnparis.net by signing the Manifesto

All the board thank you all the members, the volunteers for all their initiatives. All PWN Paris’board thank you for your trust, team spirit and collaborative mindset.

We wish you all a very well deserved relaxing and re-energizing summer break and look forward to connecting with all of you after the holidays.

Cécile Bernheim & Françoise Derolez
PWN Paris Presidents

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