EMPOWERING WOMEN: A year in the life of PWN

A fashion show at Diane Von Furstenberg’s flag ship store ended PWN’s busiest year to date! It was the ideal place to celebrate our Xmas party, “a beautiful glamorous showroom and a welcome change to the office”, said one eloquent member.  Diane VF incarnates PWN’s values to perfection with her latest book, “The Woman I wanted to be” which has just been released in French.  Indeed, the very reason PWN exists is to encourage, accompany and develop women so they may “be the women they want to be”!

2016: Our most successful year to date!
“I am amazed at all the network has achieved in just one year and the diversity of the events”, said new member, Marie-Hélène Cossé. Members celebrated the achievements of business creators at the annual Responsible Entrepreneur Award, won by GeroMouv, a co-operative bringing together senior citizens through physical exercise. Our manifesto (sign here), with over 500 signatures, promoting the rights of women was presented to the minister Laurence Rossignol at the Best Of, PWN’s flagship event and the film, Women & Money was successfully launched and will be translated into English in 2017.

2017: Empowering women
The network has high ambitions to develop more tools and programmes to teach women to promote themselves, to get salary increases, to set up businesses and fundamentally bring their true worth to the world. The new web platform will be launched shortly with an enhanced user friendly Member area, events and calendar section. A group to support Women in Transition has been formed and a Think Tank Women and Ambition is also being introduced, following the observation that it is almost frowned upon for women to admit, yet alone action, their ambition. To enhance women’s professional development, PWN is also stepping up its mentoring programmes.

Mentoring programmes take the stage  
PWN ran 4 mentoring programmes in 2016 deployed two successful pilots that will be continued in 2017. “Reverse Mentoring”, the first pilot, brought together 10 young digital experts who mentored 10 senior communicators on social media and digital. The second pilot connected PWN members with the Club 21 siècle who lobby to promote the benefits of ethno-diversity and teach women how to manage the double glass ceiling effects that they face as women from different ethnic backgrounds. Finally, 2017 will see the launch of a new male mentoring programme to enable women to learn more from men about networking, confidence and asking for a salary raise!  Join our mentoring programme here!   

How fashion empowers women
At our Xmas party, four new members accepted to parade Diane Von Furstenberg’s beautiful dresses because “We felt relax and in harmony with ourselves in front of a benevolent female audience. As a matter of fact, women look at the dresses when men look at women !”, highlighted Marie-Hélène Cossé, one of the models and new member, who recently created a website for women Mid&Plus. The high quality dresses, the beautiful surroundings and the, “lack of male judgment,” boosted our new members’ confidence enabling them to fulfill their childhood dreams and live a new fun experience. Christelle Legrand, founder of MadandWomen, and a new PWN member, pointed out that “Men do business like a football club”, but that she was totally alone when she launched her creative agency for fashion brands in 2012. She joined PWN in 2016, “to share stories about women, assume her weaknesses and vulnerability, share her dreams and maximize her potential.” Learn more about how PWN can help YOU become the “woman you want to be!”

Kasha Dougall
Communications Expert / IABC EMENA Director
PWN Paris


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