Career and Wealth: Use them together to promote your own true value!

Looking back…When I gave a conference three years ago at PWN Paris, I discovered that very few women like to talk about their Wealth, Heritage or Money … and even fewer really admit that they have money ! As I went through focus groups and studies about why women didn’t feel at ease with those matters, I discovered that women don’t like to accumulate, need concrete projects and don’t know how to really value themselves…

Women and Money …Even if women easily handle money when it comes to personal matters such as household, holidays and leisure -what I would call “logistics”- they still are not at ease with talking about money in the workplace, and for example asking for a pay raise or a promotion.

Women don’t think about Wealth or Heritage because they don’t realize they are part of their Wealth.

As centuries of stereotypes affect us, women tend to hush up their value and work silently, acting as a caretaker and putting themselves last. But I realized that if we want to truly exist, be in charge, we need to change those stereotypes and break the codes!

I then met Gisele who specializes in women’s career coaching and collective mentoring, and we decided to write this book: “Femmes, Osez (enfin) votre valeur !”

We suggest a unique roadmap ….We endeavor to give you guidelines as to why you should leverage your career and wealth at the same time. We believe those rules will help you reach your complete independence and freedom, and provide you with the means to reach your goals, your dreams, and achieve everything that really matters to you!

We finally came to the conclusion that women should know more about their own value: how to define it, how to appreciate it, how to develop it but more importantly how to communicate about it ! That value is two folded: material and immaterial. Your material value would include your wealth and heritage, and your immaterial value would refer to your values, your competencies, your intelligence and know how.

Getting visibility … Speaking with a female Director in charge of Diversity in a very large CAC 40 company, I simply asked her whether a women, totally conscious about her value at work, meaning wanting to get promoted and get well paid, should be of interest for her company. Instantaneously, she smiled at me and said she would be the perfect candidate to be promoted in her team, and to break the glass ceiling: a woman confident in her value, secured by her financial wellness, could reach the top level of the Maslow pyramid: self-accomplishment!

Gisèle and I wrote this book for you, as we think it is highly important for women to be totally independent and conscious of their value in the society as a woman, as a citizen, as a mother and daughter and eventually as a wife!

A woman’s life is complex and may be less smooth and linear than a man’s. Therefore women need to secure their career, and their economic status in order to lead their future and reach independence…

Pascaline Le Berre 

Bios :
Pascaline Le Berre
Financial Planner and expert in Wealth Management, her daily activity consists of helping women to assess their own wealth, improve and secure it for a better independent life. PWN Member.

Gisele Szczyglak
Executive Coach, consultant, author.
Founder of the Consulting company WLC Partners, expert in women Careers’ coaching and mentoring.
Ex Co-Leader of PWN Mentoring group


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