2017 ambition: no more resolutions!

Setting a fresh start to 2017, I have decided to set ambitions, not resolutions.

I find resolutions annoying: they convey some level of guilt. They feel boring, heavy, and they drag us down. They make us feel even worse when we don’t respect them – which we usually don’t. That’s because they inherently carry the negative perception that we are not doing well enough… But what if we focused on our strengths, our purpose and what we truly love? I think things could feel quite different.

I like the word ambition, and especially for women. I think both worlds match very nicely, even if this new relationship is still not truly widely accepted. In that respect, I am very glad to see emerge a new think-tank on “Women and Ambition” within PWN, which I hope to support in the coming months. Ambition carries energy, direction and drive. Not guilt… or at least it shouldn’t.

By choosing “ambitions” over “resolutions”, I am not saying that I don’t need to improve in many aspects of my life, or as a person. Naturally, there is room for improvement. But I do think that we, as women, need to shift the way we judge our (under)performance, (in)competence and (un)effectiveness. We also need to stop trying to please everyone and be perfect lovers, wives, mothers and leaders. It fact, I think we should just stop believing we can be wonder women - and thus be eternally frustrated - and truly focus on being wonderful women, which we already are!

It is time to build our confidence and grow more benevolence towards ourselves. Let’s not forget that we are the actors of a major anthropologic shift which is still unfolding… For the very first time in human history, women are considered to be equal to men and allowed to play similar roles in the global public arena. This is an extraordinary revolution that dates back only a few decades ago! Understandably, we don’t quite know how to operate this transition. We simply don’t have the manual.

The secret to occupying our new role in society and to realizing our ambitions is to focus on where our energy comes form, which ultimately lies in what we love and believe in. But for any of this to happen, we need to be positive and caring with ourselves. We will not fully enjoy and embrace these new opportunities if we are torn apart by a feeling of guilt and underachievement. We need to celebrate who we are and give particular attention to our wellbeing, health and energy levels. Empowerment will ultimately come with care and kindness towards ourselves.

Laure Modesti-Jubin
Founder and Director
The Society Company


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