1st Reverse Mentoring Program at PWN:successful launch on February, 2nd!

On February 2, PWN Paris launched its first Digital Reverse Mentoring Program: a smashing success! A multi-faceted initiative that meets the expectations of our members: synergy between generations, acculturation of new digital practices and above all a new way of digitalizing his personal and professional life with this simple idea: don’t shy away from digital, and be yourself with it!

2 special guests greatly contributed with their feedbacks & tips to the success of the event: Stéphanie Çabale, VP Digital Marketing Orange France and Perrine Bonin Lassalle, in charge of Change Management, AXA France.

During this lively and energetic evening we were able to discover and rethink about the famous post it on the fridge that may elegantly be replaced by "WONDER LIST" tool, the ability to simplify the puzzling diaries with teenagers using google agenda for the sake of the family… Stephanie Çabale has spread desire and energy to go further… Let’s be an “Augmented Woman” to make good use of the digital world!

The evening was also an opportunity to share the corporate Axa approach with the testimony of Perrine Bonin Lassalle who shared with us what she’s learned from the program and also her satisfaction to get the opportunity to propose a different viewpoint  to leaders with innovative practices of the new generation.

Next step in June: special evening with feedbacks from our mentees & mentors and also new guests!

Feel free to join the Linkedin Mentoring Group, to find out Stéphanie and Perrine’s tips and much more…
And for info on Mentoring process and Mentoring 2016 program, please find us at

Laurence Vallon, Reverse mentoring leader PWN Paris
Céline Youf, Co Leader Mentoring program PWN Paris

(*) Picture : The Reverse Mentoring Team with Speakers (from left to right : Laurence Vallon, Isabelle Mounier-Emeury, Nabila Gaillard, Stéphanie Çabale, Sylvie Houlière-Mayca, Céline Youf, Perrine Bonin-Lassalle) – Reverse Mentoring kick off – 02/02/2016


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