1. The Network stakeholders
We are all stakeholders in PWN, whose mission is to support the professional progress of women. Stakeholders are any individual or group of individuals who hold an interest in the network and are all dependent on one another and responsible for value creation. Members should therefore always ensure they are creating value:

   • for themselves personally (professional image, peer recognition, current/future sources of professional enhancement, information exchange etc. while interacting with others)
   • for other members (members actively contribute to a chain of “value creation” for themselves and for others, and thus enhance the network’s influence)
   • for PWN Global as a whole (PWN Global is eager to maintain the professional and international quality standards it has acquired since it was founded)
   • for Corporate members (from companies who trust PWN to help further the cause of professional women in their organizations)
   • for society as a whole (PWN Global has become a recognized global influence that furthers the enhancement of professional women in society)

2. PWN Paris Code of Conduct
It is vital we all agree to keep that spirit which makes our network different from others and focused on promoting women’s professional progress (our own, other members’, the Network’s and professional women in general). There are other websites and networks that exist to facilitate marketing and trade, with postings of CVs and job offers or where consultants develop business.
But PWN Paris is not one of those networks. It is a place where you can get to know other members, share about your experience, knowledge, connections and more. Members are strongly attached to this identity and do not support behaviour that is too self-promotional. We have a different mindset. So, when you become a Member you will be expected to:

   •  give rather than expect something from others
   •  show respect for yourself, for others and for the network
   •  successfully manage the relationships you are establishing.

2.1 PWN Paris Netiquette
   •  PWN Paris platform is a great one, let’s keep it a place where ideas can flow and progress can happen. We ask our members not to use the Members’ Forum as a place to sell products and services, advertise skills as an individual or a company, or ask for a job. Members feel harassed when the forum is populated with ads or when they are peppered with mails. Remember, it is about bringing value to others as well…

   •  The same goes for Events: Women’s professional progress at PWN Paris event means sharing mutual interests, discussing issues. It is not for collecting business cards for a mailing list, or harassing members to find a job and distributing CVs. Of course, business cards are exchanged but we ask that this be done with respect for fellow members.
   •  Do not use members’ addresses to build e-lists for unsolicited marketing.
   •  The platform is both local and global. If you are posting a message that concerns different countries, this should be done in English, the common language. If not, use either English or your local language and restrict messages to your local geographical zone by ticking the appropriate area box before posting.

Privacy and respect are key conditions to your success at PWN Paris.
We have all at one time had to find clients, a job, or develop new sales channels, but the platform is not the place to do this. You can use your mini-bio area to post your website or attach your CV; other members will look at this if and when they wish. We suggest you ask for advice instead of soliciting a job or service.
In the “Job offers”, you may post job offers of interest to our members.

3. Why are PWN Paris members networking?
Remember our poll results for the topic: What is the most important aspect of networking?

   •  Making connections (business leads, ideas, etc.) 23.2 %
   •  Getting to know new people, broadening horizons 18.8%
   •  Helping, getting help 10.6%
   •  Advising, getting advice 10.1%
   •  A chance to take initiatives and get involved 9.2%
   •  Sharing knowledge 8.2%
   •  A positive environment 7.7%
   •  Learning new skills, professional development 6.3%
   •  Keeping yourself up-to-date 5.8%

There are many aspects to networking, which are all vital for professional success. It is a complex science where altruism and honesty (as opposed to egocentrism and cynicism) are the keys to long term success.

4. Ten Tips for professional networking
The many ways to network, and useful tips (e.g. circulate, arrive early) could easily fill a book, so the list below targets only professional networking through PWN events, and how to make the most of them:

   1. Attend events that spark your interest
   2. Connect, ensure you are visible (put your picture and bio in your profile, it is easier when people know you by sight)
   3. Take time to establish relationships; listen, ask questions that lead to discussion, show you are curious and open
   4. Share resources, knowledge and contacts; give without expecting something in return – you will get your ROI in due course
   5. Be honest and reliable; show interest in others, have confidence in yourself and others
   6. Seize opportunities to connect, share and give; judge when the time is right
   7. Be enthusiastic and ready to ask the question: “How can I help?”
   8. Follow up quickly and efficiently on leads you are given
   9. Be pro-active and ready to act for the network.
Now you have ten tips – keep adding to them. And, last but not least, always say THANK YOU! Make sure you let people know when a lead or an idea they have provided has resulted in a useful connection. It’s surprising how often people forget this elementary rule.

5. PWN Paris governance
Every-day operational decision-making is carried out by the event teams. Please contact them if you need more information about or wish to contribute to an event, bring a speaker, etc. Strategic decision making is carried out by the Board that meets about once a month. Board members are nominated by fellow Board members and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.
The PWN Global Board is composed of each of the network Presidents, as well as an elected President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Treasurer. The board meets “live” once a year for the AGM and monthly on-line. The board coordinates the global wide initiatives of the network.
The VIP Advisory Board (members by invitation) advises on strategy for opportunities and actions to promote women’s progress within companies and in society.
Members may not use the PWN logo or brand name unless it is connection with a corporate partnership or marketing lead approved by the Board. The PWN Paris Board may assess commercial endeavors and authorize them when they are deemed to bring value to the stakeholders in a manner that does not prejudice the Network’s integrity or objectives.
We wish you all successful networking!