Being a member of PWN Paris offers a number of valuable benefits, including opportunities for networking, personal development, and career advancement. All information on how to become a member of PWN Paris here!


Our members are management-level, international business women who work in corporations or in the public sector. They can also be entrepreneurs who have launched their own company.
What we mean by...
International: multilingual and multicultural, has travelled in or worked with more than one country and feels comfortable in English or French, as our events can be in either language.
Management-level and executive: has at least five years of professional experience with managerial responsibilities or has founded her own company. Most have a graduate degree from a leading university.
Our members will have to have a clear understanding of our network’s mission and values, and agree to abide by the terms of our Governance Statement.

Membership offers access to:

Come and see for yourself at a Last Thursday Cocktail - an (almost) monthly event organised for future members and new members to answer all questions you may have about PWN Paris (find the dates on our Calendar)


1 - Please fill in an application form in English with your detailed bio and motivation to join us

2 - As soon as your payment has been processed, you are a member of PWN Paris and PWN Global! You can start attenting events and join programs by and in any of our 24 city networks in the world!

Please note that:
- Your application will be finalised only after payment of your membership fee
- PWN Paris reserves the right to refuse your application, in which case your payment will be refunded.

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