General Secretary
Over the last 10 years, Agnès has provided advisory services to corporations, business organizations and non-profit associations to improve their position in the public debate, whether at the European, national or local level. Such advisory services include monitoring regulations, generating risks and opportunities analyses, providing recommendations and tailor-made strategies, drafting position papers, organizing meetings with key institutional leaders and leading negotiations as part of regulated procedures.

Bridging the gap between the business / economic sphere or the civil society on one hand, and the governmental and public sector on the other hand (two worlds with very distant codes and time scales) has been an exciting experience. As opposed to some preconceived ideas, legal and technical analyses of the cases (notably in order to put them into perspective with the institutions’ objectives and schedules) are the key factors of success, as opposed to giving access to a pre-existing network.

Agnès is deeply convinced that the democratic process is improved by giving to the public leaders a better understanding of technical, economic or social constraints; it helps the legislator to make not only independent, but sensible and balanced decisions, knowing in details the context and background of the economic players.

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