For nearly 25 years, Sylvie managed multicultural teams and pursued successfully a sales career in major IT and Telecommunication US groups.

With fifteen years of experience selling complex solutions at Cisco, she wanted to pass on her expertise to the future business generation and developed the Cisco Sales Academy to train the business leaders of tomorrow.

Passionate about the benefits of diversity to enhance performance, she helped create and ran as of 2005 the Cisco Connected Women network and then launched the Diversity and CSR strategy for Cisco in Europe.

Her rich and varied career background gave her numerous opportunities to carry out missions involving collective effectiveness, management transformation and staff’s commitment.

Certified by HEC coaching school (individual and team coaching), Sylvie helps, with a systemic approach, executives and managers to improve their individual and team performances. She also leads workshops on how your relationship with money can influence your professional choices.

In 2014, she co founded Kairos partners consulting and coaching company, focused on leadership, performance and collective intelligence.


  • EM Normandie Master’s degree in Management
  • HEC Executive Coach certification for individual and team coaching
  • Metasystem “Breakthrough methodology”
  • Institute of Neurocognitivisme certification level 1
  • Predom certification (Individual & Team)

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