During 30 years, Kti’s career has been dedicated to complex environments and challenges, strategy and business development, in various newly created leadership roles in global companies.

20 years with EDS gave her the opportunity to acquire both sales & business development, operational & financial, people & team management skills. She progressively consolidated her experience through growing challenges in terms of risk, revenue and team size, up to full business unit management.

HP Emea recruited her to develop strategic outsourcing; She brought 2 global deals and then moved to an executive position for leading TOTAL account worldwide. She leveraged her international leadership skills to transform transversal multi product/service multi country teams into “one customer one team one strategy” for business growth.

She then joined TCS to design & implement TCS strategy for French market. That experience has completed her managerial and development capabilities through the set up of a solid and successful organization from scratch.

End 2013, convinced that managers and leaders have to face new economic contexts as well as human challenges, she created her own structure, KtiD VISION to VALUE, to dedicate her energy and engagement to organizations evolution & business growth.

She is international certified consultant in Appreciative Inquiry Approach (Cleveland University), a proven approach to accompany change by exploring strengths and successes for building the future; she builds trainings and events around leadership and positive attitude at work.

She joined PWN in 2013 and led the 2014 Best Of “let’s lead out of the box” team.


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