Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages.

If you don’t find an answer to a specific question, please feel free to contact us at : information@epwn.net

Our members are senior-level, international business women, working in corporations or the public sector, or entrepreneurs who have launched their own companies. A bit more detail on our definitions:
• International Multilingual and multicultural – Having traveled and worked in more than one country, comfortable in both French and English, as our events are as often in French as they are in English.
• Senior-level – Having held positions of responsibility, either in the corporate world or public sector, often in several countries, or as the founder of her own business.
• Business – The world of business, whether a major multinational, a medium-sized company or a small start-up. We exist to support business women and help organizations succeed in promoting women to leadership roles.
Probably the best way to know if PWN Paris is FOR YOU is to meet some of our members. Come to one of the Last Thursday cocktail events, where you can meet members old and new as well as members of our board. Ask questions, talk to the women there and see whether joining would be beneficial for you.

Everyone has been between jobs at one time or another. As long as the words “professional business woman” as above defined describe you, and you are either looking for a new job or considering starting your own business, you are welcome to apply for membership.

Our primary objective is to provide a networking platform for women who are at a senior management level or who were so before forming their own companies. 
This generally means women who have been out of university for some time and have at least a few years of professional experience. We therefore generally do not accept students.
We recommend that you join your university or business school’s network. You are also welcome and encouraged to attend our Last Thursday events to meet women who might be active in fields in which you are interested.

Depending on the native language of our speakers and workshop leaders, events may be in English or in French. If you are not comfortable in both languages, please check prior to registering to find out which language will be used. Both languages are spoken at our Last Thursday cocktails. It is important to speak and understand both, at least to some extent, to get the most out of your membership.

In order to accommodate the rapid growth in our membership, due in part to the success of our Corporate Membership program, we have had to limit our speaker lunches and workshops to members only. We regularly hold Last Thursday cocktail events opened to non members. Check our calendar for the coming dates. You don’t need to register or reserve. There is a small participation fee payable at the door.


To receive our monthly newsletter, click here. Also note that much of our web site is also open to non-members.

PWN Paris is part of a Global network of women’s associations known as PWN Global.

We share the vibrant PWN Global web platform to exchange information on best practices within companies and to network across Europe by:
• finding other members through the online member directory
• exchanging ideas through the chat facilities, groups and web forum
• accessing a calendar of events held in other cities through the online calendar

To access this space, you need your individual login and password that you’ll receive when you become a member of PWN Paris.

The information you provide when you apply for PWN Paris membership is used to create your profile on the PWN members-only website. Once you have your PWN login and password, you may edit this profile to include only the information that you wish to share with other members.
Though we do use the information you give us for statistical purposes (total number of members, how many different nationalities and business sectors are represented, etc), no personal data on members is available to any outside organization. We ask all our members to be respectful of others and not to use members’ personal information, especially contact details, for group mailings or telephone campaigns to solicit business. We reserve the right to terminate the membership of anyone who does not respect this rule. If you feel that your contact information is being misused in any way, please contact us.

Corporate membership is designed for companies concerned about diversity and who wish to offer their women employees the opportunity to network with other women, inside and outside their business sectors. Corporate membership is available in packages of 10, 20 or more individual memberships. Our Platinum, Gold and Silver Partners provide greater financial support to finance PWN Paris' research and development. If your company is interested in becoming a Corporate member, please contact our VP Corporate Partners.

PWN Paris is largely volunteer-run. Our members’ ideas are precious to us, as is their time. If you would like to volunteer, or help out on a specific project, contact us to discuss our current needs and how you can contribute. You can also scan the PWN Paris web site message board, where we often post volunteer opportunities. Once a year we will get together and discuss the Network’s needs in different areas, and your availability to respond.

A month before the end of your membership, an icon will show up on your “to do list”. Simply click on it and follow the instructions. Your membership will then be extended for 12 months and you won’t have to fill in a new application.
If your membership has recently expired and your account is closed, simply login with your credentials as usual and follow the instructions. This will re-activate your member account. If your account has expired for over 3 months, you will have to fill in a new form.