La Parisienne

“La Parisienne” is a famous 7km race for women, which takes place every year in Paris in September. PWN Paris has its own “Parisienne team”: a group of members and friends who prepare for and take part in the race.

Are you a confirmed runner but looking to take your performance to another level? Or have you been watching others run by and wishing you too could do the same?

If so, think about joining us in 2015 !

We are a great mix of beginners and confirmed runners, with a fantastic team spirit. We get ready for the race through a series of training sessions from June to September. And it works!

Year PWN Paris Rank Nb of corporate teams Top
2014 17th 622 3%
2013 15th 541 3%
2012 17th 473 4%
2011 28th 305 10%
2010 33th 277 12%

Last year, over 33,000 women of all ages and abilities ran the well-known La Parisienne, a 6.7 km ‘race’ along the Seine and past many of Paris most iconic sights.

For the fifth year, PWN Paris had a team participating in La Parisienne. Joining the PWN team automatically registered you for the run and entitles you to the benefits the Parisienne offers, including workouts and the official race t-shirt.

In 2014, coaches led the team through a training programme specifically designed to prepare PWN runners to achieve their best come race day.

It consisted of 10 sessions with two different coaches, one working with those who are just taking up (or returning to) the challenge of running and the other with those who have been running for some time but would like to go further and faster.

And it worked out! PWN Paris ranked 17th out 622 corporate teams!

Read about our 2014 race - Why Girls Love Running by Juliette Teillet, first time participant.
Read about our 2013 race - The Perfect Day, the Perfect Race

Registration will open in the spring. Watch out for our calendar!

For more information:

Contacts : Clare Mattok, Marie-Laure Barrau


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