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La Parisienne (Sept), Galette des Reines (Jan), International Women’s Day (March), Prix Entrepreneure Responsable (April),...

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More feedback!

“I really enjoyed this Galette des Reines. It was a fun experience and a great way to network. With Best of Day, it is my favorite event so far! Thank you.”

Networking & Wine Tasting event:
“It was a real pleasure to see all participants enjoying the event. Lots of smile and energy! and I learned a lot”

International Women’s Day with Irène Natividad:
“I am impatient to become a full member and I look forward to the next event.”
“Irene Natividad is a charismatic and powerful speaker. I like her ‘no nonsense’ approach. Thank you for organizing this event.”

Networking event at the Gallery de Bayser:
“It offers a great opportunity to network, an access to a unique world in a wonderful place. Thank you”

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